Mexika New Year 5 House, San Francisco Ca


City College of San Francisco Mission Campus
1125 Valencia Street, San Francisco, Ca 94110 WELCOMES YOU!!! Sundown, 6 pm to 1:30 am , 11-12, 2017


***2 Ceremonial Aztek Danzas 7 pm and 12:01am to bring in the New Year!!! All Drums and All Cultures Welcomed and Encourage to come…
We will have a Ceremony, Guest Speakers, an Open Mic. for Solidarity statements, Traditional Music, Food & Dance.
We will pray! We will share a meal together! & We will Dance!

For all who are interested in VOLUNTEERING for this event, please contact
Mau Rivera
Lisa Keller (925)681-9168
Juliette Flores
Xochitl Bernadette Moreno
Mazatzin Aztekayolokalli (415)756-5589

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