Mexika New Year, Los Angeles


First Nation Syndicate in collaboration with Northern Southern Winds Cultural Foundation and Danza Xipe Totec presents the Sixteenth Annual Los Angeles Mexika New Year Festival. To be held in the Beautiful Boyle Heights Mariachi Plaza, this event celebrates the wonderful rich and diverse cultures of the first nation people’s of the great city of Mexico Tenochtitlan also known as the Mexika aka Aztec. With this Celebration we also acknowledge All First Nation people living across our beautiful continent by way of exhibition dancing and singing. We will have some of the best contemporary native Mexican and urban musical performances that have come out of the Barrios of Los Angeles. We are also excited to have some of the most talented artist and muralist from the inner city community and surrounding areas representing our many Indigenous cultures throughout North, Central and South America.

The Re-birth of the Mexika New Year first emerged in 1998 out of the Old abandoned Los Angeles County Jail, located east of the Los Angeles River. By A collective of Chicano artist and Pro Indigenous activist who at that time were organizing an array of cultural events and work shops that were shared through out the community with a desire of creating a reconnection of identity in native indigenous culture.

Our celebration revolves around the Tonalmachiotl also known as The Aztec Calendar, which happens to be one of if not the greatest collective accomplishments of our ancestral forefathers. The Aztec calendar is the most accurate calendar system in existence today, Measuring time, space, astrological movement, agricultural cycles, and the individual human potential and not to mention a 24-hour clock broken down into 20 72-minute fractions.

Our celebration includes a sunrise ceremony with Traditional Aztec Danza that will honor the spring equinox and the New Year. Our festival will feature a concert of mixed musical Genre like Hip-Hop, Ska, Reggae and Rock. Included is a unique artisan native style market place with vendors from all over North, Central and South America. We will also have an educational component that will include various workshops designed to awaken and inspire the complete constructive change of the mind body and spirit.

The greater Los Angeles community and the world, is warmly welcomed to come see, hear, taste, touch, and smell the magnificent diversity of Indigenous Mexican culture. It will be family fun for everyone! Admission is free for all!


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